Where are the download links?

You can find all of our programs in our Programs section. Also we have a download button on each post which brings you to the download page.

Can you make a hack for the game, X?

Yes, we can. First, you need to make a request through our contact form. If we find your request popular enough, we will begin to work on it. As always we value all our guest and take request seriously.

Why do we need to complete a survey to get access of the downloads?

The download mirror allow us to save bandwidth and at the same time keep our files safe. Server costs is very high due to the high traffic we get. Also we are not using an US host, so the cost of server is much higher. The revenue earned from the surveys allow us to pay for the cost and continue creating/updating hacking programs for you guys to use. You can skip the survey by buying a PREMIUM account which allows you to download all of our programs without completing a single survey.

I completed the survey, but it doesn’t unlock?

Try clearing all your cookies . Then create a new email address to use with GMail.com and try the survey again using the new email address. Also make sure you’re not using fake information, as the surveys have ways to detect it. Also mobile/cellphones offers are the easiest to complete and goes through all the time.

The Installer/Loader is giving a Critical Error, what should I do?

Please make sure you have followed the Authorization guide included in your download package. Also follow all instructions given by the program message box.
If you followed the guide completely and it doesn’t remove the error, please download the Required Files Installer by following the link in the Critical Error message pop up. We can’t link the files here as the Required Files is different for different Operating System.
I am missing some required files, what should I do?
Follow the download links given by the error box from the Installer. We can’t link the files here as the Required Files is different for different Operating System.